Posted by: natalieinne | July 15, 2008

Playground #6: North East school

We went to the North East school district playground with the whole family.  This is actually two playgrounds at the same location.  There is a playground for big kids with two tall slides, accessible by a climbing rock wall, a ladder, or metal hoops you walk on, a jungle gym, and swings that is set apart from the main playground.   The main playground is your typical plastic playground with all kinds of fun things to play with, including a structure for very young kids.  You can’t quite make a loop around it, but there are several slides to choose from to go down.

Isaac’s favorite part was figuring out how to do the fireman’s pole, all by himself.

Alix had a favorite loop, where she climbed up the steps, over the wobbly board (someone had to help her on this), and down the rolly slide.

Mom likes the rolly slide which is made up a series of rollers.  The heavier you weigh, the faster you go down this slide.  Plus, it’s wide enough that even adults fit.


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