Posted by: natalieinne | September 12, 2008

Spielplatz #13: Westfalen Park

Westfalen Park was a large garden with various play areas, eating places, and sculptures sprinkled throughout it.  There was also a large TV tower you could go up into and see the skyline of Dortmund.  We played at several of the playgrounds, including the pirate ship style playground on the left and the water works on the right.  There were several smaller spinny and bouncy rides as well.  While you had to pay to get in, we spent most of a day wandering around and didn’t even have time to ride the train that ran through the park.

Isaac’s favorite part was the water works.  You used the pump to add water to the structure, and then had some switches to determine which direction the water moved.  Plus, you could use the sand scooper to add sand to the whole thing.

Mom’s favorite part was the flowers in the park.  They had some marvelous gardens.  She also enjoyed a cup-like spinny device because it was so easy to spin really fast.  They were slightly off balance so whenever you shifted your weight you spun around.  It was hard to stop spinning, but they were very silly to be in.


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