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Playground #4: St. Gregory’s

We weren’t exactly prepared to go to the playground today, since it was raining when we left the house, so we don’t have any pictures today. But, since it wasn’t raining when we drove by, we decided to stop at St. Gregory’s school playground.

This is another small playground, tucked behind the private school. However, it has some unique playground equipment, including a climbing pyramid, an infinity climbing structure (kind of like a Mobius strip) with a blue, red, and green climbing wall, and double spring-mounted bouncy seats. They also had your traditional slide and swings, and a plastic house for young children.

Isaac and Alix both enjoyed the infinity climbing structure best.

Mom liked the blackberries and huckleberries we found on the path down to the meadow. Freshly rain-washed berries. Mmmmm.

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Playground #3: Freeport Beach

On Friday, we went to Freeport Beach to go swimming. There is also a playground there, so of course we had to check it out as well. The playground has your traditional metal equipment, including swings, a tall slide, bouncy teeter-totters, two merry-go-rounds, and a hanging contraption.

Isaac liked the fast slide.

Alix liked that the beach was close by to play in as well.

Mom enjoyed all the old-fashioned playground equipment that’s still in good shape.

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Playground #2: Heard Park

This is a little playground tucked into the North East municipal park called Heard Park.  You can’t see it from the road, so you wouldn’t know it’s there if you just drove by. It’s not a very big playground, and you usually have it all to yourself if you go.

Isaac likes the hanging bar. He could just reach it if he jumped.

Alix likes the fast slide, although she kept falling off the end and getting dirty.

Mom liked the fact that it is shaded after noon since it’s built under some trees.

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Playground #1: Hot Dog Hut-n-Putt

Hot Dog Hut-N-PuttToday, we went to the Hot Dog Hut-n-Putt.  We played putt-putt.  I got a prize because I got a hole in one. Isaac looking at his Putt They also had a bounce house. My favorite thing was the “rock” climbing wall in the bounce house.

Alix’s favorite thing was the fountain in the middle of hole number five.  

Alix on the bounce house

Mom and Dad came too, and we had chicken fingers and french fries for dinner.  Mom liked the fact that the kids played golf for free, while Dad enjoyed the Smith’s hot dogs and really great french fries.



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Welcome to our new playground blog

Hi. My name is Isaac. This blog will be about the adventures Alix (my sister) and I have as we visit 61 playgrounds. Why 61 playgrounds? Because I saw alot of them in a playground catalog. I hope you enjoy the blog.

– Isaac

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